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What is Rooting?

Why every android users asking about rooting? What can we do after rooting our android?

Its just simple.!!!

Even many of them known this am telling this in simple way. Rooting is nothing giving administrator privileges to your android device. So after rooting you can do whatever changes in your android device.

You can feel the Power of android because of that you can do changes whatever in your device delete any file or folders in the system even you can delete inbuilt applications also. By rooting you speed your device with overclocking as well as you can flash custom roms (custom roms: which is designed by some developers by using other mobile system designs).

After Rooting Your Device will be void Warranty. Because mobile manufactures wont recommend root your device so that you may uninstall or delete important system files in your Mobile. But dont worry you can get your warranty back simply unrooting your device. But some times your device may be bricked so you need flash your stack rom to your device.

Stock Rom? What is That?

Legal Version of Operating System that comes with your device. (dont think all mobile have same version like jelly 4.2.2 or kitkat 4.4.4 Your manufacture ll modified this based on your mobile architecture so its not possible to flash other mobile ROM to Your Device)


Rom is the ported version of os its allows you to use other device roms to use in your mobile.

After Rooting What NEXT???

So You Gave root Permission to your device(Like administrator in windows and using Sudo in  Linux). So You Get more custom roms via web so you can modify look of device. So if you lesser ram in your mobile so you can tweak your memory card as your ram and also you overclock your device to overcome lagging.

How to Root?

Every device has some rooting procedure depending upon the Android Version. You can get all the details in xda forums, and web ,etc.

So Root Your Device And Enjoy the Power of Android.